Calendar management

Virtual balie / Calendar management

The management of your agenda in professional hands!

Our angels schedule appointments for you and your employees.

Effective agenda management is essential for successful business operations. Unfortunately, you don't always have people who can manage your schedule. Time pressure then ensures that, for example, there are duplicate appointments in your calendar. Virtual Desk offers you the ideal solution to ensure that your calendar is kept up to date.

Let our angels efficiently manage your agenda. They have been helping our clients successfully since 2006!

Let Virtual Desk effectively manage your agenda!

So you have time for more important things!

Your benefits

We manage your agenda effectively so that you can get back to your core tasks.

No employment contracts. So you will never again suffer from illness or understaffing due to illness, holidays and peak times.

No need for your own office space, workplace or hardware for the staff.

Flexible calendar management

Your agenda can be easily combined with our telephone service. The Angels of Virtual Balie arrange all kinds of administrative actions such as emails and mail returns. Combining with other services of Virtual Balie is of course possible. We take care of the work that you don't have time for.

Your calendar

Our Angels ensure that your agenda is managed effectively so that you can get to your core tasks.

We coordinate the appointments and scheduling the agenda with you and arrange this in the way you want.