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The importance of telephone accessibility has increased enormously!

Improve your telephone accessibility!

Never miss a call with our phone service!

Always available when you want

For good customer loyalty, the importance of accessibility is enormous. You know that better than anyone. Every customer deserves to be taken seriously. There is nothing more annoying than being on hold for a long time or getting an impersonal voicemail. By outsourcing your telephone traffic you avoid this disappointment.

With the Angels of Virtual Desk you will never miss a call again and you will receive feedback the way you want. Such a nice idea. Incidentally, this service has no fixed costs. You decide how and when you use our Angels.

Advantages of our telephone service:

  • Increases your telephone accessibility
  • No fixed costs, you pay per second
  • 2 weeks free trial!
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Experienced and Trained Angels

Four reasons why telephone availability is so important

The phone is everywhere

Ah, the good old days when the telephone still had a cord... now everyone always has his or her telephone with them. And is therefore in principle accessible by telephone. Always. Everywhere. The caller knows this too, and so soon thinks with an answering machine “he/she does not WANT to speak to me”. Downside! Unavailability by phone is therefore actually un... polite.

Everything goes

Everyone has noticed how much longer-winded old movies and television series are than today. Let's get down to business! It shows how we have started to live a lot faster. Being unreachable by phone for a few hours is simply not possible anymore. If you are unlucky, that customer or relationship has long since left for someone who does have great telephone availability. And if you're lucky, he or she is just annoyed.

Private and work intertwine

Another 'good old days' sigh: remember, when you still had a working day and private evening? And when a weekend was still a weekend? For many people, work and private life are now completely mixed up. This certainly has advantages, such as being able to do a home job during the day. But the disadvantage is that business callers expect that you can also be reached in the evening. And in the weekend.

Voicemail is not reachable

“... then I'll call you back as soon as possible, BEEP.” People think that voicemail can be reached by telephone, but the customer or relation thinks: “When will he call back? Does that work at all?” And those are logical questions. Because how often do you forget to listen to your voicemail? The half-baked reachability of a voicemail is actually worse than not being reachable at all. At least the latter is clear to the caller.

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