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The Angels of Virtual Balie

You will not find better!!

Virtual Balie employees are called 'angels' by our customers and it is not for nothing ... After all, your relations and relieving you is what the angels of Virtual Balie love to do the most and they do it with the patience of an angel.

Why our Angels!

They relieve you so that you have more time

They are professionals

They are solution oriented

They are interactive

Positief! Dial with a smile!

They always answer the phone on behalf of your business and offer your relations a listening and friendly ear. Your relations will be heard and helped, you will receive an email or SMS message immediately after. This way, you know exactly what's going on while you're busy with other things. They manage e-mail traffic for online stores and process return mailings. In addition, they speak not only Dutch, but also English and French. Do your best, with Virtual Balie angels!

Be reachable as much as possible and never miss a call.

Get your feedback the way you want.

Virtual Balie sees it as a challenge to offer your customers a special experience, instead of just giving a response. It is precisely by offering that added value that customers choose your company more often.

By outsourcing your telephone management to Virtual Desk, you improve telephone accessibility. Your customers don't queue up unnecessarily and receive busy tone or voicemail.

Meet the Angels!

They are happy to serve you