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Outsource your customer service!

That can be quite "exciting"

You expect excellent customer service that is easily reachable. Finally, if your customer service is experienced as pleasant, this has a positive influence on the image of your company. This even ensures that your turnover is increased, fewer complaints on, for example, social media channels and / or consumer sites.

Virtual Desk Angels always respond! And if you wish, we will also process your emails and postal returns for you in order to respond adequately to your customers, and we will also follow up, if necessary.

How can we help you?

To improve your reachability.

Customer service

We answer all your incoming calls and assist your customers. Our goal is to handle every phone call as completely as possible, so that you have as little work as possible. Our customer service works as an extension of your organization, without your customer realizing that there is a Virtual Balie sting on the other side of the line. We show a real interest in your customers.

Email & Return Mail

We will respond to emails containing questions and / or mail returns within 24 hours. This is done in an accessible and user-friendly manner, with the customer receiving a clear answer to the question. If we need more information, we will ask you or the customer first. It is possible to totally or partially outsource your customer contact. We are happy to advise you on an appropriate approach.

Social Media

Offer your customers who ask their questions via social networks an angel who takes care of them. In a single inbox with all your customer communications, we can respond, for example: SMS, chat, email and social media in our system. We have angels who advise and inform with a smile. A Virtual Desk Angel knows exactly how to give your customers the information they are looking for using the right systems.