Always available ,
even if you are not
you are!

Call our Virtual Desk,
We always pick up!

Always available ,
even if you are not
you are!

Call our Virtual Desk,
We always pick up!

Do you always want to be reachable by phone?, call our Virtual Balie because we always answer!

Not reachable, but still reachable!

No stress on missed calls, That’s a nice feeling!

Be as reachable as possible, never miss a conversation, and receive comments the way you want! By outsourcing phone traffic to an answering machine, you improve phone accessibility.

Virtual Balie provides the following services to deliver high quality real value on your behalf

by phone

Ah, the good old days when the telephone still had a cord... now everyone always has his or her telephone with them.

Answer & Customer Service

For many companies, outsourcing your customer service is always a bit of a mmm, how do you say that "exciting".

Virtual Balie

Virtual Balie employees are called 'angels' by our customers, and it is not for nothing.

Calendar management

Effective agenda management is essential for successful business operations. Virtual Balie offers you the ideal solution.

You find us at

Rhijnspoor 259
2901 LB Capelle aan den IJssel

+31 (0) 10 268 09 00

Opening hours

Respond with service!

Virtual Balie, your online business card!

These days, we do everything online. We buy everything, we make appointments, we communicate, we meet, in short, a huge change from the past. Yet there are some things that are still close to our hearts. Issues such as "treatment", "service", "trust", fixed values ​​in human interaction. And in this new digital world? All too often, we don't organize things very well. This must and can be done differently with Virtual Balie, a remote reception!

With Virtual Balie you have a business card with which you can offer your customers and relations the same online service as if they were “live” in front of your reception. Real value that ensures lasting relationships.

B4Nature Foundation

The B4Nature Foundation highly recommends the Virtual Balie. This way we never miss a call. The professional staff of Virtual Balie, truthfully called “Ängels”, not only answer our calls perfectly and kindly, they even answer our contacts and donors the most common questions! Finally, within a minute, we receive a transcript of the phone call in a email. Virtual Balie helped us develop our Foundation!

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Peter Schallenberg


Henk Kuiper Webs

Virtual Desk does what they promise! I don’t have to worry about my reachability. As they say themselves “Always available, even when you are not there yourself! Ideal if, like me, you are on the road regularly!

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Henk Kuiper

Capelle a/d IJssel